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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will we get splashed on the cruise?

    With the smaller size of this boat and how close we are to the water, there is a very high               chance of getting splashed. It's apart of the adventure and being on the lake!

2. Should we be concerned about bad weather?

    At times, the weather may force us to change our chosen course and destination on the lake.      In certain circumstances we will need to cancel or reschedule a cruise due to severe weather.      You will be contacted 24-hours in advance about these changes or options. 

3. Can we bring alcoholic beverages on board?

    Yes. We will have some complimentary non-alcoholic beverages but you are welcome to bring     your own drinks. BYOB.

   * Please No Red Wine.

4. Can we bring food?

    Yes, you may bring snacks or a meal of your own.

5. If we are having a great time can we extend the tour?

   Yes, of course. We can easily add another hour or two to your cruise and continue the fun.          We'll add the additional time to the fee when we return.

6. Does the boat have a restroom?

    No. It is a small boat, so we suggest that you use the restroom at the marina before we                depart. 

7. What is the best time for a cruise?

    We feel the best time for cruises are in the early mornings or evenings. Calm, glassy water is         typical in the morning and many times the water settles down in the evenings, making for a         smooth ride. Though day time cruises are still fun.


Call to Book: 530.539.4640

A Classic Wooden Boat. Small Private Charters. Stunning Lake Tahoe.

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